[] Issue with the Size Volume

When i have more than 1 ‘Size Volume’ with settings on 0.1 placed in ‘Condo’, it’ll violently size you down & then back up again rapidly

Step 1. Load into condo - condo
Step 2. place down 1 ‘Size Volume’ set to make you 0.1 without any additonal I.O-ing
Step 3. use Copycat tool to make a 2nd one in a different location (doesn’t seem to matter where)
Step 4. stepping into either zone will cause the bug, rapidly sizing you down & back up.

Normally, i’d expect them to co-exist without this rapid resizing glitch, it works fine with 1 zone

The issue causes rapid resizing between default (?) and Set size (0.1)

Its hard to take photos of it, but hopefully you get the point

This is now fixed in the next update.