[] Infinite feedback loops crash Tower Unite

If you hook up an infinite feedback loop, such as two doors toggling each other when opened and closed, it will crash the game. It may have to do with the delay on toggling being 0 seconds. This bug can also brick somebody’s condo (me for example).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create two doors.
  2. Connect both doors to each other.
  3. For both doors, set up an event for OnOpened and OnClosed to toggle the other door.
  4. Open either door.
  5. Crash!

What I expected to happen

I’m not sure. I would expect both doors to freak out, toggle repeatedly, and make a lot of noise.

What happened

Game crashes.

Notes / Media


This bug has also happened to me, where I set one door to hide another door Onopen, and then unhide Onclose, and the same for the other door. I cannot open my condo anymore with those two doors without my game crashing.


It’s always hard to patiently wait for a fix when your condo/build you’re working on is unloadable.
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Free Pink Ranger. Free :clap: Her :clap:
(just memeing, I know it’ll get fixed)