[] Damage / Heal Volume off by one

The Damage / Heal Volume does not damage or heal by the number provided, and is off by one. This is seemingly acknowledged in-game because the default damage / heal value is 26. For example, setting the value to 26 will only damage or heal 25 points of health.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a Damage / Heal Volume
  2. Set damage or healing applied to desired value. (For example, let’s say N)
  3. Walk into Damage / Heal Volume
  4. Damage or healing done is actually N - 1.

What I expected to happen

The value provided be the exact amount of damage or healing done.

What happened

Damage or healing applied is off by one.

Notes / Media

I don’t know if this is intended behavior but it doesn’t seem like it.

Fixed in