[] Christmas Light strings don't save settings

If you edit the radius or brightness of any of the Christmas Light string items, those edits to their settings reset upon reloading the condo, making them full brightness and 500 radius.

I really hope all of those items get a rework this holiday season, honestly. Their placement is janky, they can only be placed in a straight line without any custom length settings, their colours can’t be manually set, and regardless of how long the string is, they only have 2 light sources, on the first part of the string.

(Edit: I didn’t include a version originally because this bug has been apparent for a long time now and wasn’t related to any specific update)


This happens to me with all light light sources. The radius and brightness settings do not actually save upon reloading. If I make a light source have 5000 radius, reload the condo, click Edit on that same light source, it will still say 5000 radius, but the actual light source will not be that 5000 radius, instead it will appear as being only 500.

I don’t know how to better explain it.

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Those string lights don’t need light sources attached to them in my opinion anyway.