[] 3rd person camera interaction with Dark Voyage entryway ceiling

When using 3rd-person view, backing the camera up into the ceiling of the area where you wait in line for Dark Voyage causes strange behavior.

Possibly related to another bug that persists, linked below.

Steps to Reproduce

Stand in the waiting area for Dark Voyage and look down, then scroll your camera out towards the ceiling.

What I expected to happen

The camera collides with the ceiling and stops going upward. Nothing else.

What happened

The camera passes through the ceiling. Everything in the room despawns except for the walls, floor, stairs, and trim. Your character is teleported a little higher than where you stood and dropped. The camera is now looking through a layer of dark water.

Then, when moving the camera back within the boundaries of the room, everything respawns, you hear an activation sound, and your character is teleported back to the height you started at.

If the camera activates it at just the right angle and left there, this can create a teleportation loop that never ends.

Notes / Media

Potentially related to this bug that started around the time when changes were made to no-clip teleporter interaction.