[] Cannot complete Halloween Achievements this year

To summarize, so last year, there was a problem with the game’s saving of achievements and items/levels. It was around Halloween time, as the Halloween event was going on. I did the achievements (Detective, Spoils of Halloween, and Stingy Jack). The achievements and or levels I had gained during that time, had vanished after the issue was fixed but everything was still completed in the Plaza.

Steps to Reproduce

Not quite sure but would love it I could finally complete these achievements or at least have them pop up and show them as finished since I already did everything the following year before. I would include pictures but it’s a bit confusing to show.

What I expected to happen

I expected to be able to at least redo everything or magically get all the achievements during this year’s event but those options both don’t seem to work.

What happened

I cannot complete the achievements because I already did them last year, the pumpkins are still lit in a purple hue, I already collected the lost treasure and can’t press E on anything that requires that for collecting (achievements). They still say the achievements are NOT completed.

Notes / Media

  • There was a bug last year with saving.
  • It showed I completed the achievements last year. And now they are gone and have been gone since the problem was fixed.
  • Can’t press on anything or recollect items for achievements because I already did them last year.

You can reset the pumpkins/bones/etc. with the Reset All Plaza Trackers button in Game/HUD > Misc.