[] Condo Removed from Public List When AGC Goes Offline


I’ve just been informed that this occurs every time AGC going offline for any amount of time.

Orginal post

I’ve been hosting my condo lately, and after some time (it’s not consistent with when it does it, it could be anywhere from 1 hour of hosting to 5 hours of hosting), it will remove my condo from the public listings. My condo contains NSFW stuff, but it’s nothing illegal or hardcore or anything, so I don’t imagine that would be related to it.

Steps to Reproduce

Host condo, wait, check condo listings after you notice you stop getting visitors.

What I expected to happen

My condo to remain on the public listing for as long as I’m hosting it publicly.

What happened

My condo was removed from the list after a random amount of time, seemingly not associated with anything obvious.

Notes / Media

The condo I’ve been hosting is a Resort
There is a large amount of canvases in my condo (~900)
There are large structures built in far away coordinates (z = -20,000)
I am using the new spawn points to set a custom spawn point