[ -] Condo Upload to Workshop stuck on "Preparing content." [Fixed]


I have been trying to upload my condo
“The Chillaxie Island” to the workshop
for 6 days now, and it doesnt work at all.

It gets stuck on “Preparing content.”

Have been giving it over 60 mins but nothing changes,
and there is neither cpu activity nor network traffic meanwhile. just gets stuck?

Steps to Reproduce

Load my condo,
let it finish loading,
select “Upload”,
Fill in title,
it saves workshop to disk,
fill in description and the three screenshots,
and the Tags.

Then when pressing upload,
It goes to “Preparing content.”
and then nothing ever happens.

What I expected to happen

For the condo to be uploaded to the workshop
(however that usually happens)

What happened

Being endlessly stuck on “Preparing content.”
and get a 0byte, no title, broken upload post on my steam workshop page, each time its stuck.

Condo Details?:

~25’100 items
38 workshop
60 textures/images = 14 MB in total

Workshop final size = 87 MB

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The “Preparing content” stage is “reading and processing content files”. This is very non descriptive even on my end. I’d guess this is when Steam is copying or moving files to upload.

Since you said it saves the condo file and the textures properly, then gets stuck, this is happening on Steam’s end.

Have you checked your https://store.steampowered.com/account/remotestorage recently?

Look for Tower Unite and, if you can, please post how large it is. It could be your Steam cloud is full or your hard drive is full, or Steam is having trouble copying files.

You should also see how many files, you don’t have more than 1,000 snapshots right?

Oh, i did check when trying stuff, aswell as removed all snapshots from it, it uses about 30 mb only on steam storage atm =/

I feel that i have tried everything that i can on my end.

Can you guys bug-report to steam/workshop somehow,
or can i send you my CondoData file and you devs can check if there is something bugged/erroneous with my condo or what internally could be a problem for steam?

Can i manually add the “metadata” needed (3 screenshots, tags, condo description and “manually” upload the workshop save with it to steam?

There’s no way to manually upload to Steam, but if you can send me the CondoData (just private message me) I can try it on my end and hopefully get some more information on what is happening.


Awesome will see if it can ^^

(updated title as it also is an issue in the current version)

This issue is fixed in the latest patch.

Problem was a internal limit for CondoData filesize at max 30 Mb.

Devs removed the limit after some troubleshooting
and i can finally upload the condo to workshop.

Awesomes and thanks <3

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