[] Issues with hidden levers

I’m not sure whether or not to consider this a bug or a suggestion, but I’ll put this here.

Because of the new Hide/Unhide changes, this makes hiding lever actions impossible due to new changes making items that are hidden unusable. Levers are different than buttons because they can toggle the on/off functions whereas buttons cannot. This has caused some issues in some puzzle condos that rely on levers to toggle stuff on and off without having the default lever show.

I’m not sure this is intended with the levers or not, but if it is and isn’t in-fact a bug, could we possibly get an invisible lever option like we have invisible buttons?

I hope I worded this in a way that’s understandable :disappointed_relieved:

We can add a hidden lever item.

You can also do this as well, using Hidden Button and Toggler.

Hidden Button → Toggler (Toggle)

Toggler → OnOff → logic for Off events
Toggler → OnOn → logic for On events