[] Slightly Bigger Potion Skeletal Animations Faster Than No Size Potion

Player animations while having the “Slightly Bigger Potion” equipped are slightly sped up, compared to having no potion at all (Normal sized). Additionally, the animations are also faster than with the “Large Potion” equipped, which is equivalent to the speed of the Normal size animations. You can also tell the speed difference with the footstep sounds.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Run with no size potions.
  2. Equip Slightly Bigger potion & run.
  3. Equip Large potion & run. Speed difference will be made clear.

Notes / Media

Player animations are designed to speed up or slow down with potions.


I’m aware of that with the tiny potions, but its a weird discrepancy for the Slightly Bigger potion that the Normal sized & Large sized have the same speed.

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