[] Randomly lost 200k for no reason at all

Summary of bug here.
I was playing horse raceing with a friend and we both bet 20k but randomly as the race began to start it took 200k on top of my bet for no reason at all. It was so random and drained the money from my account i’m very annoyed for thats alot of money just to get drained for no reason at all.

Steps to Reproduce

Please list how this bug can be reproduced, if possible. Pictures would be much appreciated!
I dont know maybe play horse racing.

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior.
I expected to just bet 20k and be done with it, but before the race even started it randomly drained 200k from my account , so instead of it saying -20k, it said -220k, but it showed that it took the 200k separatly from both me and my friend for no reason. So sad.

What happened

The issue the bug caused.
It took 200k from my account,

Notes / Media

Other misc notes about the bug. Picture or videos would be much appreciated!
It took the money so I wasnt able to take a picture in time to take a picture but I wouldn’t be putting in all this effort if I was lying, 200k isnt that huge of a loss but its like 1/6 of my money so very disappointing to lose that to some random bug or whatever. Please get back to me