[] "Office Building Wall" material loads slowly/not properly at all when set only as condo surface material

When having the “Office Building Wall” material set on a condo surface (not a canvas primitive), the material can take a very long time to load, or may not load properly at all, causing it to be very low-resolution. If that material is placed on a canvas primitive in addition to any condo surfaces, the material loads properly. I’ve only managed to get the material to not load properly on my Suite, which has a fairly large amount of items, including (non-in-game material) canvases and workshop items, and has a relatively long load time compared to any other condos I tested this bug on, so this issue’s probably related to that load time. In the other condos I tested, the material loads fine, but tends to load a bit after all the other materials and items load in properly; however, the delay isn’t significant.

Steps to Reproduce

Assign the “Office Building Wall” material to a condo surface (can be multiple surfaces, but no canvas surfaces) on an affected condo. Not sure what causes a condo to be affected by this; could be specific to Suite, or could require a substantial amount of items/canvas surfaces (that don’t use in-game materials)/workshop items.

What I expected to happen

The material loads properly.

What happened

The material does not load properly unless the material is also assigned to a canvas primitive, causing it to be blurry with broken normal maps. The material might load properly after running the condo for several minutes (which happened with a previous version of my condo in a previous version of the game, but doesn’t occur now).

If a Canvas Primitive has a material applied, Surfaces will no longer cause that material to load. I’m pretty sure this bug has been present since Canvas surfaces were added. Basically the primitives seem to override that material’s streaming.