[] Everyone's Player Model Is Default, Except For Mine

Summary of bug here.

Steps to Reproduce

I have no idea how it happened.

What I expected to happen


What happened

Everyone’s player model is the default for me. I can’t see anyone’s custom characters. Only mine. I cleared the workshop cache, no use. All workshop options are on minus shadows.

Notes / Media

Example screenshot of what it looks like for me https://i.imgur.com/DksOlRv.jpg

Probably caused by Steam server maintenance which takes place every Tuesday

Update: Last night while working on one of my condos I noticed that I was able to see someones player model. This seemed to happen after I gave them permissions in the condo? After that, everyone who would join my condo I was able to see their player models. However, since I’ve gotten back on Tower Unite today. I once again cannot see anyones player models. Just that default girl skin. This is so confusing, and so frustrating. If anyone can still help it would be really appreciated.
EDIT: I can still see customer player models when I’m in my condos. But can’t see them in anyone elses condos and of course not anywhere else

Can you post your system specs because I know that @GateteVerde has been having issues with workshop lately