[] These Ballrace levels need a leaderboard wipe

Now that *rollbug is being fixed, I feel I should ask for some of the ballrace levels to be leaderboard wiped as some of the world record times are no longer achievable. This is because previous updates have caused some of the shortcuts to be impossible.

*A bug where the ball can roll before the level starts.

Below are all of the levels that have been affected:

Prism 8 - The old shortcut required to to hit the goal from underneath which is no longer possible now as the goal has been raised

image (Update 14.8.0)

Memories 8 and 11 - The old skips required pinching (wedging yourself between a moving platform and something else) to the goal which is now impossible (or at least significantly more difficult) since the moving platforms now move slower

image (Update hot fix)

Summit 2 - The updates to the rock collisions has affected the shortcut on summit 2, which now results in it being slower

image (Update (Rock collisions have been affected in most of the levels, not just level 1)

Summit 3 - People have abused rollbug to get slightly faster times on this level.