[] Keno Betting / Payout is wrong

When picking numbers on Keno, the betting cost increases for each number you pick, and the payout doesn’t reflect the actual amount you’re betting.

For example, let’s say I select 5 Credits to bet, then select 10 numbers on keno. The cost of each play is now 50 credits (+5 for each number I selected). If I match 5 numbers, my payout is only 15 credits, but it should be 150 credits, because the payout for matching 5 is 3x my bet.
The payouts are essentially X times lower than they should be (X =how many numbers are selected).

With IRL Keno, the cost of the ticket doesn’t change with how many numbers you pick. You are free to pick 1 - 10 numbers and the cost is always the same.

I think the current implementation of increasing the bet size with numbers selected is fine, as long as the payout reflects the actual bet size.

Notes / Media

Attached images show 10 numbers selected (50 credits bet). 5 Matched numbers only paid out 15 credits, 6 matched numbers only paid out 50 credits.


the bug is still existent in 0.16.3, thus bump.

edit: besides, you need to hit 6 numbers to for that bet to break even.

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