[] [Edited bug report] Canvas holes not lining up properly on the far end

Sometimes when typing in a value or placing down an item, the rotation will be snapped to an off-kilter value.

[This bug has already been reported.]

EDIT: This was an issue resulting from a completely different bug. Quoted below.

The new canvas hole item appears to have slight distortion on the dimensions on the upper (non-origin side) end when scaled over long distances, causing it to not line up.

*Take a canvas hole.
*Scale over a long distance.
*Use a grid and other canvases for reference.

  • Desired effect is to have coordinate-perfect vertices.
  • Vertices do not line up with coordinates.


This specific hole pictured was scaled up by 100 units (Dimensions are 2, 2, 100)

How long did you stretch it for? Could you post the exact dimensions. Thank you!

Done! Dimensions are 2, 2, 100

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I’ll look into this

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All right, so I found the real issue.
It turns out that object rotations keep magnetizing to odd non-rounded values
In this instance the 180 kept going down to 179.99

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Ah, that issue. You can try going with equivalents to 180 (-180, 540, etc) and see if those aren’t as magnetized.

Yeah, the rotation snapping feature managed to help fix it