[] Can't Leave Casino Games

When playing a casino game like Bingo or Silver Saddles, I cannot leave the table at all. I have to disconnect from the server to leave.

Steps to Reproduce

Join a new casino game.

What I expected to happen

Be able to leave the table at any time by pressing Ctrl.

What happened

A very unenjoyable casino where I’m trapped at a table.

you can only leave once the results have finished showing.

i was unable to leave slots.

Yup same here, I had played BINGO a couple days ago and had no problem then, but today (9.22.22) after another… hotfix and/or update I think between then and now, absolutely unable to leave BINGO by pressing CTRL like normal. Everyone ELSE was getting up and leaving. This was West 1 and the server was reasonably full but not overly so (in the mid-40s when I got on).