[] Bug with collision in Casino

I can’t go into third person with the player model below when using certain machines :frowning:

Games affected: Wheel of money, Video Blackjack, Grand Quest, Diamonds, Double or Nothing, Keno

It’s fine with Blackjack, Silver saddle + Roulette

Could this be fixed please? :innocent:

Hello, I was going through some old bugs that weren’t cleared in our tracker yet.

I tried replicating this with the linked model and was able to move the camera into third-person. That said, the model sits quite low in the seat and if your camera is lower to the ground, the seat collision will block it as intended moving it to first-person. If you move your camera higher in first-person (i.e. look down in first-person) you should be able zoom out and see your model.

For now I’m marking this as resolved. If this issue still affects you or you have something else to add please feel free to post again.

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See image for example: