[] Physics on physics items are disabled after gizmo movement, not during

If you click on a physics item that has physics enabled to open the gizmo menu, physics will still be enabled when moving the object via gizmos for the first movement only. Afterwards, the physics item will be frozen, as expected.

Steps to Reproduce

Place down any physics item, pick it up, and drop it to enable physics on it. Then, open the q menu and single-click on the physics item to enable gizmos, and try to move the item.

What I expected to happen

The physics item freezes as soon as the gizmo is clicked and dragged, causing the item to move normally.

What happened

The physics item does not freeze when the gizmo is clicked and dragged, causing it to move but fall down due to gravity. Upon letting go of the gizmo for the first time, the item freezes.

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