[] "New Best" popup for Jackpots on Casino Slot Machines adds newly won Jackpot twice


When I win a Jackpot, I get a “New Best” popup showing my all time Jackpot earnings for that type of machine, along with ranking. The number displayed, however, is not actually the new total, but the new total PLUS the newly won Jackpot yet again!

Steps to reproduce

  1. Check your Leaderboard stats before playing a machine, writing down your current Jackpot total
  2. Win a Jackpot on the machine
  3. Observe the number in the “New Best” when it pops up

What I expected to happen

The New Best popup displays the current total of Jackpots won by me

What happened

The New Best popup displays a higher than the current total by the entire value of the current Jackpot won

Extra notes

Here’s a clearer example:

Steve’s current Jackpot earnings for Grand Quest is at 10,000 Units. He decides to play it again and has a great streak of luck and wins quickly, earning only 3,000 Units this time around. When the message pops up, it should show 13,000 as a New Best, but instead displays 16,000.

The correct total is shown on the Leaderboard in the Collection Book and on Steam. You can also tell that it’s recorded properly, because everything else for Steve indicates that his Leaderboard location is at 13,000, and any subsequent New Best messages will calculate based on that 13,000, even when winning another jackpot in the same session of the same machine.

My guess here is that the value to put on the Leaderboard is saved in memory or already to the Leaderboard, and the “New Best” code uses that value assuming it’s before the new Jackpot was applied and thus applies it a second time.

Bumping because this still happens in and it feels like it should be a simple fix.

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2 years later this is still broke, and I am almost certain this is a simple fix where a function is either being called at the wrong time (after the math is done) or with the wrong piece of info (the new score plus the winnings, rather than the old score plus the winnings).