[] Default "toggle sustain" keybind for instruments interferes with drum kick

The game uses spacebar to toggle sustain on instruments by default, which also happens to be the unchangeable keybind to kick on the drums. This could easily be fixed by changing the default “toggle sustain” keybind to something else.

Assuming you are talking about “hold sustain,” I had already implemented an override for the drumset: left shift. Is it not working for you? It works when I tested it just now.

No, this is regarding the “toggle sustain” option, not the “hold sustain” option, seen bound to spacebar here (default bindings):


It’s not really noticeable unless you’re hitting the cymbals, but it leads to something like so:

Cymbal hit [Sustain ON] → Drum kick → Cymbal hit [Sustain OFF] → Drum kick → Cymbal hit [Sustain ON]

The sustain option isn’t broken per se, it’s just that the default “toggle sustain” keybind happens to share the same bind as the unchangeable drum kick keybind.

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But the default bind for toggle sustain is right ctrl. The hold sustain button has space for the default bind, which my aforementioned override takes care of.

Edit: the bind defaults got switched around for some reason… Let me take care of that.

I fixed it for the next update. It must have happened when I issued this change.
Thank you!