[] Courtyard Villa Pool Cover does not stay closed on reopening of the condo, and other issues

The Title says it all folks. When I go to close my pool cover on my Courtyard in order to decorate the area, I expect the mofo to stay closed when I leave and come back. Instead, when I re-open my villa, the pool cover is again set to be open. There’s some other issues I have with it but I’ll address that in the notes below.

Steps to Reproduce

Close your villa’s pool cover. Then Leave the condo and come back.

What I expected to happen

For the pool cover to stay closed.

What happened

The bitch stayed open like a screen door in a windstorm.

Notes / Media

Another issue that I have is that the pool cover is just a gigantic fucking block. Like seriously, look at this shit:

Its hard to change its material too because when it closes it just clips into the pool and looks ridiculous. If we could have a cover that’s just like the retractable roof in the default condo, rather than this thing, I’d imagine it’d look a lot better. Please consider changing it.

This is now fixed in the next update.

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Thank you Mac. I appreciate your appreciation for appreciating the details.