[] Condo bug causes condo to crash on host end

After 30 minutes or so, the game crashes while in the condo. And it wasn’t due to anything drastic or extensive.

Steps to Reproduce

Step 1: Host a condo, let others join if wanted/possible
Step 2: Condo crashes on host end after a certain amount of time, no matter what happens.

What I expected to happen

We thought that it was something else that was happening in the game that didn’t involve the condo, but it only happens in the condo.

What happened

Due to this bug, we (me and my partner) can’t do much within the condo they own without this bug tearing up the moment after so little moments of time. It’s getting to be annoying.

Notes / Media

No further notes given, due to the nature of the bug only happening in the condo, no matter what one does.