[] Broken diffuse maps on tons of Workshop items

Lots of workshop items, who’s common thread I haven’t figured out yet, are turning solid white. Doesn’t seem to be affected by condo map. These are just brief examples, there’s probably countless others.

The bust of helios, and the mountains

Two different signs from Mario 64 and TF2, and some custom rocks. Strangely, the stake in the Mario 64 sign upfront has a material that’s not busted.

The ‘Tornado’

The Daytona arcade

I moved some of these items into the Workshop editor, where they seem to display fine, however.

This may or may not be relavant, but I’ve accidentally had models come up solid white in the editor before in the past because because I had the diffuse maps toggled incorrectly in Blender.


From what I’ve seen with my workshop uploads, all the broken materials don’t have any special metadata applied to them (not emissive, no roughness/specular/metallic, no translucency/masking, no toon shading).

Also, if I open any of my models that aren’t broken and shouldn’t have any special material metadata associated with them, opening them in the workshop editor suddenly gives the material on them a specular value of 0.5. The models with broken materials have a specular value of 0, as expected.

This specular thing seems to only apply to the first material on the model; on the one model I have with partially broken materials, the first material works fine and was automatically given a specular of 0.5, but the second material was broken and has a specular value of 0. I have multiple models that have multiple materials that are all broken, though.


I’m investigating into what caused this issue. When you load the model in the editor, it works fine. But if you download then load the model from cache it doesn’t load the texture.