[] ZM: Unable to Attack After Intermission Chat

Note: Bug has existed since at least January.

“Y” chat between ZM rounds has a high chance of bugging out the right/left mouse buttons.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Press “Y” to chat between rounds of ZM
  • Enter new round
  • Attempt to fire with left mouse button (or try to deploy right-click ability)

What I expected to happen

Gun should fire every time (aside from fire rate limits).

What happened

Instead the gun does not fire at all for most clicks, even mashing the button as fast as possible will only let off one shot every several seconds.

Notes / Media

Video would just show me running away from zombies not shooting at them and not using my primary ability.

Note that you do not need to actually type anything into chat to trigger the bug, just open chat. So it may have more to do with key presses than chat itself. I think that several other types of keypresses can cause this issue. Recently I was pushing other keys trying to see if I could turn up the in-game audio chat but didn’t open text chat, and the bug occurred.

Bug has been happening since I started playing TU in January.

It’s not a 100% chance the bug will occur, but it seems greater than 50/50.

I feel like mashing left mouse button in earlier versions (circa February) had better chance of firing than it does with, but I can’t prove that.

I have talked to maybe 2 other people who have noticed it, but most people don’t chat between ZM rounds and there’s only maybe a dozen people who play as many sequential ZM games in a row as me (at least, judging from the number of public game worlds). I worried it was because I play on Linux, but it has been confirmed by at least 1 other Windows player as well.

The bug always resolves itself after the next intermission. (unless of course I’ve chatted again)

The bug also occurs when chatting during the first intermission, before the first day.

When I say “round” I mean each day in ZM. When I say “intermission” I mean the time where you select your class on game start and upgrade after getting to the helicopter each day.


After much experimentation, I’ve noticed that if I quickly “flutter” between left and right mouse buttons I can get one or the other to fire reliably-ish. For example, if I want to enable my ability, I quickly flutter left then right (gun does not fire). If I want to fire the gun I can quickly tap right then left (ability does not trigger).

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