[] ZM: Reticle missing after switching to mouse from controller

Mouse cursor (aiming reticle) does not appear when using the mouse after a controller was used previously.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Start a ZM round with the controller
  • Decide that you want to use a mouse instead

What I expected to happen

The mouse aiming reticle should appear to assist.

What happened

No reticle, so immersive, much miss.


Reticle does reappear in the next round after intermission.

I’m using an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller FWIW.

I also noticed that when using the controller in Bluetooth that the trigger buttons might not work, but the thumbsticks still move. Wired, it works fine. I’m not ready to blame TU for this one though.

Likewise, there is general movement/aim weirdness so long as the controller is powered on. I would say this is due to drift, except that there is no movement, so the joysticks are centered. Instead it seems that the game gets confused and will fall back to the last controller input when the mouse/keyboard isn’t actively sending new data. I’ll put this into its own bug if I notice it a lot when the controller is wired.

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