[] Third Person Cam Movement Doesn't Keep Orientation At Right Click

Not entirely sure how to explain this (nor do I know if this was intentional) but here goes. Prior to the Anniversary 2022 Update, when you entered the Third Person Camera and held right click, then turned the camera around and started walking forward (the direction your model is facing), you would continue to walk forward. After the update, you now move in whatever direction the camera is aiming, disregarding the direction your model is facing.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Enter Third Person Camera
  2. Hold down right click to freeze camera angle
  3. Turn in another direction
  4. Hold W

What I expected to happen

Model should continue walking forward relative to the direction it’s facing.

What happened

Model moves in the direction you’re looking instead, not relative to model’s forward direction.


This is now fixed in the hot fix.

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You are a LIFE SAVER! That right click stuff is like 80% of my time playing the game LMAO

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