[] Screens & leaderboards are exceedingly dim

For some reason, whenever I look at a screen or leaderboard in the arcade, or even something like the bowling/trivia screens, they are extremely dim and I have no idea why this is. It seems to affect Planetary Piano in the arcade as well. Just started happening today after the new anniversary update. I’m not sure how else to describe it other than in picture form, I attached a couple of pictures.

Steps to Reproduce

I just kind of opened the game and walked into the arcade after the update, only to notice that the screens were like this. I’m sure there must be some personal factor that’s causing this, like a piece of my PC’s hardware or some other thing, but I don’t know.

What I expected to happen

The leaderboards to look bright and crisp as they usually do.

What happened

The text has become very hard to read with the screens being like this, or at the very least my reading is slightly obstructed, which affects me if I want to play trivia or something.

Notes / Media

Thanks for any help, it’s much appreciated.

Do you have high quality shaders setting on?

I did not, however it seems to have fixed the problem, thanks for the help. I prefer to use the lowest settings if I can so I didn’t really think to do this. I was just wondering too because I didn’t have this problem even with high quality shaders off before, but yeah thank you very much.

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Great to hear. We’re gonna push out a hot fix that should solve this issue for good as well.

Sounds great! Thanks again for your help.

I was almost about to make the same thread since I’m suffering with it as well but to see this thread already exist and a hotfix coming soon makes me happy, thank you devs!