[] Player camera activates teleporter

When using a teleporter in your condo without a permission prompt, the player camera passing through the teleporter activates it and teleports the player.

Steps to Reproduce

Stand in front of a teleporter in first-person looking away from it. Scroll out to a third-person camera and when your camera passes through the teleporter behind you, you will be teleported.

What I expected to happen

The camera distance stops increasing once colliding with the teleporter.

What happened

The camera passes through the teleporter and activates it, teleporting the player.

Notes / Media

I discovered this because my teleporters that go to destinations that have a returning teleporter behind the destination location (two-way door/tunnel setups) no longer worked with a third-person camera because the camera would activate the returning door behind you, sending you back to your original location. I believe I first saw this in or but hadn’t narrowed down what was causing it yet.

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