[] Piano Bugs

Hey, a couple of bugs with the piano on this new update.
The first one is that when pressing ‘X’ or whatever key your push-to-talk is assigned to, it triggers the mic UI to pop-up. Not sure if it actually transmits any voice yet.
The other one is that the keys stay permanently down physically when you use the ‘Toggle Sustain’ option (not sure if this is intended or not).

Steps to Reproduce

Press your push-to-talk key while sitting on the piano. Toggle sustain and play something.

What I expected to happen

The push-to-talk key being ignored while playing piano, and for the keys to eventually stop being pressed down.

What happened

Push-to-talk hotkey is still enabled while playing piano.
Keys stay pressed down using ‘Toggle Sustain’.

Notes / Media

I will fix the voice chat issue.

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