[] Map Textures do not sync with players from host.

Summary of bug here.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Host condo, In my case, it was Flatdirt
  2. Set the grass texture to be something else, I used Roof tiles for the example images
  3. Have a friend join, and their texture will still show as grass.

What I expected to happen

Have the concrete/textures set for the map be synced up

What happened

To each player who joins, anything not covered looks like grass.

Notes / Media

First image: taken by my bud Buatsui, on his PC

Second Image: Taken by me, same session, different weather though and right after he left.

I believe I noticed the same thing very recently.

I joined someone that was hosting one of my workshop condos, and I noticed a few textures were plain default white. I reconnected to them and some of them were fixed.