[] Desync between unit display and actual amount

I have 3.5 million units, but this number is not displayed when I earn additional units from minigames, the casino, and achievements. The number displayed instead is usually zero, and sometimes stays at zero even after getting more units. I can still buy things in most stores, but I’m unable to buy arcade tokens because the game claims I can’t afford them.

In short:

Expected: Display shows true unit count, can afford arcade tokens

Result: Can’t afford arcade tokens

Steps to reproduce: Unclear, but it’s just been an issue with my account since I migrated my player data from Steam to PixelTail servers, so presumably that.

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Update: This issue is present on other devices as well. One device runs Windows 10, and the other Windows 11.

I can easily confirm that this is an actual bug as my units are not correctly displayed on the main menu, pause menu and the casino UI, zombiewizard45 is NOT lying about this at all, I have even seen this bug on Windows 8.1 as well. This bug is very much real.

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