[] Number signs have see through backs

The number signs used to have a texture on all sides now it doesn’t have a back.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place down a number sign.
  2. Rotate it so you can look at the back

What I expected to happen

For items to have proper textures on all sides and for them to be the same or atleast very similar between updates so it doesn’t break build.

What happened

You can look through the back of number signs.

Notes / Media

I’m not sure the number signs were meant to be used that way, although that’s certainly a clever usage.

Also, Pixeltail, please give them some actual chains.

pretty sure they weren’t meant to but yeah, a lot of things in my castle broke…

Chains are already an item that function like the other strings, check the Celebrations store. Also, another thread reported this and it was stated it was a mistake that will be fixed soon.

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