[] TU consistently stutters ~1 second after taking a Steam screenshot

I’m unsure if this is new or not, but the game seems to consistently freeze about a second after taking a Steam screenshot.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Take a Steam screenshot
  • Make sure you’re moving around so it’s more obvious when the stutter happens

The game should freeze at exactly the same amount of time after taking the screenshot each time. I’ve tested this in just Smooth Dirt and Midori so far.

What I expected to happen

The game wouldn’t stutter

What happened

It does do that

Notes / Media


Does this happen on other games for you? I used to have this happen constantly on every game. Turns out, having ~30K screenshots does that. Try moving all your screenshots to a different folder and then using the Steam screenshot uploader to delete them to clear your screenshot cache.

Oh that could be it, I have like 3500 images in my screenshots folder. I’ll try that when I get home

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