[] Drop down selection boxes cause other things to need double press

If you have a drop down box open, like for graphics settings, in order to close the drop down you have to click either one of its options or click somewhere off of it. However, if you pick an option and then try to click on another setting, the first time you click wont do anything. The same thing happens if you don’t close the box, lets say I click to open the drop down for Texture Quality but then decide I want to lower my FOV. If I click the slider to change the FOV while the drop down is open it’ll work fine, but if I try pressing the reset button I’ll have to press it twice because the first input will get eaten by the drop down.

Steps to Reproduce

Open a drop down in the settings, graphics has tons. With that open, try to press other buttons like apply & save, back, other drop downs, or reset buttons for sliders. If your game is working like mine is, you’ll have to click twice in order to hit these buttons. Now do the same, but instead of leaving it open actually select an option, the same thing should happen.

What I expected to happen

Clicking another option while I have a drop down box open should both close the box and press that button, or at least if you’ve selected an option in a drop down you shouldn’t have to double click the next thing you press.

What happened

When using the drop downs you often have to double click in order to interact with another button, which makes changing your graphics settings take double the amount of clicks it probably should and makes it feel sorta unresponsive.

Notes / Media

Video with mouse click overlay included:

This is fixed in the next update, at least for the drop down ones. I’m working through resolving all of these issues. What happens is keyboard is focusing these elements when it shouldn’t.