[] Clock displaying AM for noon/12:XX PM

I don’t know if this is a one-off thing or if it’s always been like this, but right now this clock in game is saying “12:45 AM” while it should be saying “12:45 PM” for where I’m at. I first noticed it in someone elses condo but when I went into mine to double check it still was like that.

Steps to Reproduce

Look at a clock while your system time is at noon/12:XX PM.

What I expected to happen

It to be PM at noon and AM at midnight.

What happened

It was showing AM at noon as well as AM at midnight.

Notes / Media



I just put one down to check and it’s reporting the correct time for me. My guess is that it’s a one off or it’s somehow more complex to trigger.

Were you checking at midnight or noon?

I just edited the post, only seems to happen for noon for me, not midnight. I also set my system to use 24-hour formatting for both short and long time and it was still AM at 0:XX and AM at 12:XX.

A little bit before midnight, 11:30ish PM