[] UX for long messages is awful

While there should be handling of long messages, the current way to handle it is an awful user experience, as the message disappears and is never sent, meaning you’ll have to type a majority of what you’ve said again.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Type a message that is too long to send (> 280 characters)
  2. Attempt to send the message

What I expected to happen

I expect to be warned that the message is too long either before I attempt to send it (either with a counter below the text box, or an indicator with the text that is too long, or a red border around the text box, or the like), or for the message to pop up, but the text to remain

What happened

The message is not sent and is completely cleared from the input box


There could be an argument that this is an anti-spam measure. Perhaps a way to prevent people from sending too many messages too quickly would be an idea is in order if that’s not already in place (which I’m almost certain there is one though). But removing the text when you’ve typed over 280 characters is not ideal as that is now a long set of text that has to be retyped for the most part.


The amount of times I’ve had this problem… and had to retype it in shorter messages. I’ve taken to writing out long messages first in a text editor though I often end up typing in the chat window regardless forgetting about the limit.

As for sending messages too quickly yeah there is one though I wish it was relaxed a bit because sometimes for comedic effect it would be nice to send two or three very short messages one after the other.

On top of this, something like Twitter’s character limit counter would be nice. Have it pop up when you’re down to maybe 20-30 characters left and count down as you type.