[] Randomly spawned entities can end up out of easy reach

This is noticeable in games like Gingerbread Smash

Steps to Reproduce

There are no exact steps to reproduce as this is entirely code-based randomization. But it involves games and events that place items you can interact with in random spots.

What I expected to happen

All items I can interact with will be at the same level, or at least a level one can reach without needing a jet pack

What happened

Sometimes items end up on top of other items. These locations should be “blacklisted” rather than allowing the item to show up on top of taller entities such as trees or tall decor.

Notes and Media

Obviously we don’t want items to end up below the ground or inside of these objects. But they really shouldn’t be this high either. It’s rare to see it this high, but it can happen as seen in the screenshot.