[] Headstone Sign Messed Up

Any previously placed Headstone signs reset their Eulogy section to “Died a Good Death” wiping out any text made previously and are rotated 180*.

What I expected to happen

The headstones to retain their text and not be rotated

Notes / Media

Unfortunately this seems to be permanent and any text you changed beforehand is now lost.

Unfortunately this was a side effect of us refactoring the code for the sign items. We hoped to mitigate data loss, but the gravestones lost data.

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Since issues like this pop up occasionally (from memory two which had quite a large impact, for some builds atleast, were the canvas scaling update and the stairs update) wouldn’t it be better if condo saves were refactored when loaded into a new version. So that it would convert it properly instead of just erasing data/setting it to default? Some people put a lot of effort into condos and it’s annoying to see that you have to go fix a lot of things after an update.

We’re very much aware that people put a lot of work into Condos, that’s why I mentioned that we hoped to mitigate data loss. When we update items we always make sure there isn’t data loss on changes to the items. We also don’t often refactor items this extensively. We try to make sure any changes to items don’t cause issues with previous condo builds, and we test with workshop condos as well to ensure everything stays the same throughout updates. We do have condo save version numbers as well (for example we recentered canvases in a previously update and that has backwards compatibility built in), but unfortunately with this refactor older versions wouldn’t be compatible.