[] Some Lobby spots ignore volume settings

I set all of my volume sliders to 0 and the Master Volume to 100 like this:

I expect the game to be completely quiet with this configuration. Indeed, in most places it is quiet, but some spots still play audio. I found these by using the above volume settings, then setting my system volume to 150% so even any minor noise is loud:

  • When people switch Workshop avatars/skins, it still plays that cough noise
  • Going up to the Laser Tag building you can still hear its music
  • The vents in the nightclub play a noise, these are in a bunch of different locations in the nightclub
  • The same vents exist in the arcade and also play the same noise
  • This wheel plays water noise
  • The gramophone in the songbirds store still plays noise
  • The bubbling green liquid in the pot in the lighthouse still plays bubbling noise

Most of these should probably be controlled by effects volume, and the laser tag music by the music volume.

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This issue also exists in a lot of game maps with ambience noise and such