[] Metal Detector viewmodel clips with the world

The Metal Detector’s viewmodel is being rendered in the same scene as the world. As such, it is clipping with nearby geometry.

Steps to Reproduce

Have Metal Detector on the hotbar. Select Metal Detector from the hotbar and stand close to a wall.

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior.

What happened

The issue the bug caused.


Other first person games will have a viewmodel rendered in a separate frame and will overlay it on to the main scene. A Sneaky Trick Most FPS Games Use - YouTube

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All our first person models render in the world, Unreal uses deferred rendering. We can’t have a separate rendering layer to render the first person models on, like older games that use forward rendering. The solution for this is called panini projection, which is on my to-do list, but I have to go through every weapon one by one as it will completely change the offsets of the weapons.