[] Masked Statues Don't React to Light Properly When Following Camera

The ability to switch between Masked and Transparency is a great addition and something I’ve been hoping for. It expands the possibilities of builds in unexpected ways and finally makes Statues look great…
however Statues have one hold back.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Place a Canvas Statue, add your URL, etc
  • Set it to Draw Masked & Follow Camera
  • Shine your flashlight on it from multiple angles

What I expected to happen

The Statue to react to light from every angle

What happened

The Statue only reacts to light if looking at it from a Lower Y-Axis Value (relative to the world, not to the object)

Notes / Media

NOTE: with Follow Camera Enabled

NOTE: with Follow Camera Disabled

Always Remember: A well-lit Granny is a happy Granny!

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