[] Test Tube Bugs (Throwable and Placeable)

The New Test Tube items have many bugs, here are the ones I could find:

Throwable Test Tubes

  • The explosion audio originates from the Map’s origin instead of the point of impact.
  • Explosions are very unreliable and only happen about 50% of the time
  • Right Clicking cause the chemicals to change colours, but seems to behave like you just threw a tube (there’s a cooldown and a weird recoil)
  • The Emission of the chemicals drastically decreases when thrown as compared to when being held

Placeable Test Tubes

  • The chemical’s colours cannot be changed (no edit menu exists, which applies to all physics items)
  • If the Test Tube is placed sideways, the liquid will disappear
  • Since Test tubes are physics items (and all physics items now start “awake”), it cannot rest in the Test Tube rack consistently and can easily be punted by players bumping into it.

Notes / Media

Note: the Test Tube on the right was placed sideways

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