[] Place Physics Items Start "Awake"

When placing a Physics Item in your condo, it will now start “Awake” instead of remaining static until interacted with. This doesn’t seem to affect items that are loaded in (already placed in your condo)

Steps to Reproduce

  • Place any physics item in your Condo
  • Notice that it may have moved if you placed it on a slope (or if you kicked it)
  • Reload Condo
  • Find the Item to be static as intended

What I expected to happen

Physics items to remain static until interacted with (especially for ones used for decoration)

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i think this was intentionally made so that physics items have physics without interacting with them after loading a snapshot or for workshop condos (neither actually work…)

imo i think it’d be best if physics items were static by default and workshop condos / loading a snapshot would retain if it’s static or “alive”…

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I am 100% for the reversal of this change. I have several ghoul coins in my condo map used to simulate steam etc… that are half in or fully in other objects. Now the moment I even try to move or adjust the ones I already have in place they fly across the map and I have to hunt them down which is a real pain. Not only that but I can no longer slide them into or through any other object they just resist and bounce away the moment you stop trying to move them.

This entirely ruins the ability for them to be used as decoration. They already could be picked up if not locked by the condo owner and thrown around with proper physics before this change so I am unsure what this was trying to accomplish.


I’ll be adjusting the feature more.


That is indeed strange I too had coins placed on the walls and onto character hands in my Halloween adventure map. This really surprised me a lot in this case since I haven’t played in Tower unite for quite a while so I wasn’t aware of this change at all.

I would kinda agree with Elliot to have their ability to be used as decorations again.

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This is now addressed in the next update.