[] World align AUTOMATICALLY getting set to the on position for both old AND new canvas cubes

World align is automatically getting checked on specifically on canvas cubes, both old and new, causing textures to break.

Steps to Reproduce

Place down a canvas cube, or loading into a previous condo using canvas cubes, and the cubes will have BOTH world align options be checked to the on position, breaking custom textures. Alternatively, if you turn the Texture World Align option off in the edit menu, it will save as normal. However if you turn off the new World Align button under the Surface Editor, it will turn back on upon exiting the editor.

What I expected to happen

World align to be off with pre-existing and new canvas cubes.

What happened

World align was automatically checked to the on position for both the Texture World Align and the new World Align option under the Surface Editor. Turning off the new World Align option doesn’t save it upon exiting the editor as well.

Notes / Media

There was an intentional change to make canvas cubes have world align on by default, which is why it’s on now. The other issues are definitely bugs though.

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