[] Transform tool and glass retexturing issues

I’ve been encountering a major issue with the Transform tool, as well as retexturing some map elements (such as glass ceilings), where changes are not being saved/applied

Steps to Reproduce

Simply loading in a condo (screenshot and connection) where I’ve made changes shows they are not being applied. I’ve tested this on a freshly reset condo and it still occurs.

What I expected to happen

When I save and load a condo, it should save all changes I’ve made, such as scaling of all objects and any retextures I’ve done to environmental objects, and should apply these changes on load.

What happened

When using the Transform tool, the scaling of canvas objects is not saved, which is an issue for me as it’s the only way to get custom walls that aren’t concrete/wood. Additionally, using the retexture function on some map objects that allow it is buggy, as reloading shows the changes are saved but not applied.

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I’ll take a look into this.

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