[] Chomping bonuses only seem to count last eaten knight

When playing as dragon, whatever rank the last perosn you killed is is the one that you get a payout for it seems. So if you kill a baron and then an esquire, you’ll get the 30 unit “Esquire Chomp Bonus”, whereas if you eat the esquire and then the baron you’ll get the 85 unit “Baron Chomp Bonus”.

Steps to Reproduce

Play as dragon, eat people, look at the “X Chomp Bonus” and how it relates to the knights you killed during that round.

What I expected to happen

The payout to reflect the rank of the highest rank person you killed.

What happened

The payout was for the rank of the most recent person you killed.

Notes / Media

I assume you’re supposed to get a payout for the highest rank person that you killed, or one bonus for each rank that you killed, instead it just gives the bonus based off the most recent kill.