[] Parquet Wood Flat Doesn't Have Bumpmap

The new parquet wood flat surface doesn’t have a bumpmap, as opposed to its glossier variant.

Notes / Media

Parquet Wood:

Parquet Wood Flat:

That’s actually why it’s called flat.


i feel like it would look a bit nicer if it did have the bumpmap for the “crevices” inbetween each plank while not having the specular(?) map, but i’m honestly fine with either as long as there’s it doesn’t make it look like i spilt a liter of vegetable oil over my living room floor…

(that being said i’m not actually sure what it would look like with the bumpmap and w/o specular so i could be wrong…)


Without specular the bump map would only be noticable if you shined a light on it.