[] In laser tag, you can go out of bounds

In the new laser tag map, you can go quite easily out of bounds, leading to falling into the void or shooting people anywhere on the map from the ceiling.

Steps to Reproduce

As long as you can jump on one of the girders on the ceiling, you can clip out of bounds, but I’ll explain here the easy path out of bounds.

The solar stronghold with the UFO is by far the easiest place to reproduce the glitch. By going up the stronghold, any player can jump on the barrel up there then jump on the wall. From there, they can jump on the UFO then on the girder. From there, people can simply jump on the ceiling and start walking out of the map or tag people. I’ll supply the screenshots at the end of this report.

What I expected to happen

To hit a solid wall to stop me from going there.

What happened

I went out of bounds and could walk anywhere on the ceiling, and shoot people as well.

Notes / Media

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You can go out of bounds with the submarine too, and by the “Saltwater Stronghold” and the “Astronomic Acropolis” with a few jumps.