[] Condo Lights that Can't Cast Shadows Aren't Labelled

Certain placeable lights are incapable of casting shadows when placed.
These items do not have the Shadow toggle greyed out

  • Annular Ceiling Light
  • Bubble Light
  • Contemporary Wall Light
  • Dock Light
  • Encased Stationary Light
  • Fancy Chandelier
  • Floor Light
  • Ghost Light
  • Heart Desk Lamp
  • Heart Floor Lamp
  • Heart Light
  • Heart Light String
  • Light Box Circle
  • Light Box Hexagon
  • Light Box Octagon
  • Light Box Right Angled Triangle
  • Light Box Square
  • Light Box Triangle
  • Light Panel
  • Light Panel Stand
  • Park Lamp
  • Prism Light
  • Space Light
  • Simple Lightbulb
  • Small Round Light
  • Small Round Light 2
  • Spot Light
  • Spotlight Stand
  • Stage Spotlight
  • Statue Light
  • Street Light
  • Victorian Street Light Circle
  • Victorian Street Light Square

For a majority of these items, they lack shadows due to having a large range and are disabled for optimisation reasons. However some lack shadows due to being an area light (presumably), like the Light Panel or Light Boxes.

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The test I did:

A failed item

A successful item


i hope they’ll all have the ability to cast shadows, i have a few street lights outside of my condo and it kind of stinks that i have to place down a placeable light (which makes a shadow of the light and a really bright spot above it…) for shadow casting :<